shutterbug_83 (shutterbug_83) wrote in critical_camera,

wedding photo

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ugh, I hate sun sometimes :)
I like the look they are giving each other. The shot is a little hot (of cours with the sun!), but overall great framing of it. I love the pink tree (forgot the name of it) in the back, nice backdrop. The only think I'm thinking is perhaps a lower fstop, though I know, you can only do much with so much sun and white :)
Thanks very much, I may try dialing down the brightness with some editing software, but you're right maybe next time I will use a lower fstop.

the lighting is horrible. the shadows... guh... too much sun. a faster shutterspeed might help, a little, but don't be afraid to move your subjects into better lighting to get a better shot.

the subjects are obviously not in a very attractive position. the bride needs to cheat out, and your camera/film needs to stop sucking, because the quality of this photo is horrendous. i hope they weren't paying you.