gaelle (_acupofcoffee) wrote in critical_camera,

posting the information

name: gaelle
age: 23
experience: (are you an amateur or a professional, and how long you've been doing photography) amateur. and i don't really know how long i've been doing photography...
cameras you use: pentax K10D
which ones are your favorites and why do you like them: canon A1 (it was stolen -- i'm not materialistic, but frak that was one of the worst moments of my life...)
favorite film, and why you like it: i'm digital. Although i would love to have enough money to be able to make a project on polaroid...
say something about your style: my style ? what style ? ....i guess i'm still trying to find it...
then, post a self portrait or two:
well, choice done quickly i've got only one:

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