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critical camera

rip me apart

photo critique for fun and profit
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
this community is for posting photos, but more importantly, it is a community for serious critique.

directly after joining, please post the following information:

experience: (are you an amateur or a professional, and how long you're been doing photography)
cameras you use:
which ones are your favorites and why do you like them:
favorite film, and why you like it:
say something about your style:
then, post a self portrait or two:

you don't have to be a professional photographer or anything to post here. all levels of experience are accepted, however, be prepared to have your photos torn apart (constructively, of course).

only post photos you took yourself.

also, please post one image at a time unless you post a coherent series.

along with the photo, please include:
camera used
type of film
any special processing techniques you used

you can include questions you would like to have answered about your work.

as a member, it's very important for you to comment on other people's images.
.no rudeness or bashing will be accepted.
.keep the criticism constructive,
.but please don't be afraid to say what is wrong with the photo.
.no "ooh, it's pretty". why is it pretty? you must detail what works for you, and what doesn't.

i assume you are all intelligent people. however, if you demostrate otherwise and it gets on people's nerves, you may be asked to leave.

have fun!

this community is moderated by mad_as_birds.